Friday, June 29, 2012

How to go to CUBE and JYP by Subway


How to go to CUBE Ent. and JYP Ent. by Subway?

1. Take Line 7 and stop at Cheongdam Station.
2. Go to Exit 9.
3. Go straight until you see 'TEHOME' on your right and BANYAN TREE club & Spa on your left.
Banyan Tree on your left and TEHOME on your right.

4. Go to that alley (Alley is between TEHOME & Banyan Tree).
5. Across the street. You'll see Baskin Robin on your right. (Refer Map)
6. Go straight again. If you see a cafe name 'cafe d' AMAPOLA'. There's CUBE office (level 4) inside. Remind you this is not CUBE STUDIO CAFE. Just CUBE Ent. office.

cafe d' AMAPOLA

JYP Ent.
1. Make sure 'cafe d' AMAPOLA' on your right.
2. Go straight until you see DUNKIN DONUTS on your left (corner) or GS25 on your right. (About 50m from CUBE Ent. Office)
3. JYP just across the street. On DUNKIN DONUT's left side. (Refer map as). You can see a big JYP signature there. it's so easy to find JYP~

credit : JUSTcircle

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